Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've been working on some new 3D origami models, and finally finsihed some good ones last night: (boy and girl strawberry heads, bride and groom- havent done the brides head yet, rabbit and panda suit, sweet bunny with carrot )

I'm also working on a 3D origami house! still needa do the roof. And I've modified the dragon boat, it looked too big, now its got 3 triangles in the middle of the body instead of 4, and the back and tail isnt exactly the same as the head, people thought was a 2 headed dragon and thought I forgot to add eyes on the other end, so I've made the tail smaller/different to the head

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new amigurumi

working on some cute small amigurumi animals/characters. From left to right: chocolate bear, onigiri/rice ball, cute furry bunny, furry chick. (1st time using furry yarn!!^^)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

new 3d origami models

These 2 new models I'm really proud of^_^ the boy and girl. Simple, small, but aesthetically pleasing, probably because of the added beads. Instead of trying to make everything from triangles, its better to glue beads and embellishments on, and use  materials other to get the best look. I'll probably be using black beads for eyes from now on for the cute/kawaii look^_^
and I've made another cake! The different embellishments/other materials make it look better (foam rose, quilled flowers, pearl beads)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sort-of-recent craft projects I've been working on

3D origami looks MUCH better with pieces rounded with a pen (thanks to jaxster on youtube for sharing this awesome idea!).

blog #1 - crochet cakes and desserts!

Ok, so I've come back to using my blogspot account to update my handicrafts.

Recently I've been getting into making crochet desserts!
Heres an awesome site with patterns where you'll learn the techniques of how to crochet whipped cream and chocolate syrup, and pics for ideas and inspiration!

these 2 felt cakes I made a while ago.