Saturday, May 12, 2012

big 3D origami bear with 3D limbs

This is the bear I made for a 21st birthday present. 

I now have a video tutorial for the teddy bear! Tutorial hereBUT I havent shown how to make the ears or attach the limbs so you'll still have to look at the diagram and read the written instructions.

Heres the diagram, and extra notes/instructions on making it. Enjoy~ :-)

(diagram in blue and orange so you can see it better. Make them any colour you want)
LAST 3 ROWS of head:

row 17: [2 decreases, 2 normal] all the way around until you get to the end, there will only be space for 2 more decreases. so there will be 4 decreased pieces next to each other at the end. Start & end wherever you want. Preferably near the back of the head so you don't see the odd decreasing at the end.

row 18: Decrease all around. At the end there will only be room for 1 normal piece (going over 2 points)

row 19(last row): normal row. Each piece goes over 2 points
make a 'stick' of 20 MINI pieces. So the pieces are made from half the size of the rectangle you used to make the head. Stack the pieces into a stick and bend/curve it. Snip slits along the bottom of the pieces, underneath the curve (NOT the bump of the pieces, which are on the top)

gluing ears- I think I put an inverted piece at the bottom part of the ear, so that it sticks into the head better (didnt include that in the diagram). figure out where you want to put the ear (no specific place), find a hole in the bear head, for the top and bottom points of the ears to fit into. glue in place

Do your best to try and match the points of the legs to the holes of the body. It wont fit perfectly. (not every point of the legs can go into a hole). Once most of the points are aligned to a hole in the body, kind of shove it in/ push it in deeper to open the holes of the body a bit. 

Then take the leg out but remember how you fit it into the body/where the points go. Put PVA glue (the white glue that dries clear. There are other names too: wood glue, craft glue etc..) on the top of the legs where the points are, shove it back into the body, hold it until it dries (maybe for 30secs to a minute?)

ARMS- for the arms I just squeezed hot glue on the top part on the inside of the arm and stuck it to the body. Since its a flat panel it's easier. You can probably use PVA glue too. You may still have to hold the arm for a while for the glue to dry