Monday, March 26, 2012

Buying 3D origami sticks

Buying 3D origami "sticks"

The PIECES to make these paper sculptures

~Sticks (30 pieces) are priced in $USD. Postage is in $NZD (which is cheaper in $USD & most currencies)
~Payment: Paypal ONLY
~Shipping: worldwide  *Please read the note at the bottom of the page*

Read below for all info on buying
-Prices of groups of sticks
-Order template
-Postage info & postage price estimation


Send your order by email or message me on Youtube
~Youtube channel:
 Example of order


I want to buy 40 sticks ($20)         number of sticks you want ($__ price)
10 dark red                                    
10 yellow                                           list sticks of colours
5 bright yellow                                  so that they add up to the 
5 sky blue                                         number of sticks you want 
5 dark blue
2 light green
3 light pink

and 5 black ($5)                       black priced separately ($1 per stick)

TOTAL $25                                                            TOTAL

My paypal email is         include your paypal email
I live in america                                                      and country

~I send worldwide given that you give me a correct/valid address.
~I send mostly to America. Sometimes Canada, England and Australia
( Sending to Australia is cheaper since it's closer to NewZealand^_^ (I live in NZ) )
~I've also sent to (once or a few times) Netherlands, France, Brazil, Austria, South Africa, Belgium, India, Bermuda, Saudi arabia, Cyprus & Singapore

Below is a list to give you an idea of postage prices. (Postage depends on weight of package)

Minimum postage is $11.50NZD which is around $9.63USD (conversion rate changes everyday), for up to 200 grams (weight of package) which is about 10-30 sticks. 

So it's better to get at least 20-30 sticks because some people buy 10 sticks and the postage is more than the sticks and not really worth it.

The more the package weighs, it goes up by a couple of dollars
 up to 200g = 12.94NZD/ $10.67USD (10-30 sticks)
250g = 14.14NZD/ $11.65USD (40 sticks)
300g = 15.34NZD/ $12.64USD
350g = 16.55NZD/ $13.64USD
400g = 17.75NZD/ $14.63USD
450g = 18.96NZD/ $15.63USD
500g = 20.16NZD/ $16.62USD
550g = 21.36NZD/ $17.60USD (100 sticks)

It may be a bit more expensive to certain countries. But the main countries I send to (america, canada, england...) are the prices above

Disclaimer: Parcels from New Zealand to overseas do not have a tracking number (Unless you choose that option, but it's expensive, over $80) therefore I can not do anything if a package is not received, which rarely happens. 

You must provide a valid/ correct address and let me know if your address is different to the one on the Paypal account.

I am not responsible for the package once it is sent. I will give a refund (for the sticks only) if the package is sent back to me.

4-10 working days (not counting weekends or public holidays) is the target amount of days it takes to get there. In a few cases it has taken a month even with the target of 4-10 days.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

bigger diamond pattern swan

Hey people! If you want to make a bigger diamond pattern swan, here are some written instructions sent in by spelcika1990 on Youtube:

(If you haven't seed the video for the normal sized diamond pattern swan, watch it here:

 spelcika1990's instructions:
Normal sized swan & Bigger swan

770 white pieces (+48 for the neck)
494 colored pieces (+23 for the neck)
1 black

1. Start with 9 white 'mountains' (4,3,2,1) and 9 diamonds.  (as shown in the normal sized swan vid linked above)
2. Outline the diamonds 3 times
3. Add another row of diamonds
4. Outline the diamonds 1 time
5. Add another row of diamonds

6. 2 white outlines on 2 diamonds
7. between 2 outlines (between the mountains) make a diamond
8. Around the diamond make 1 white outline
9. Add color outline
10. And add another white outline until the last colored piece (leave it for the neck)
11. Fill out the spaces between the diamonds with white

TAIL (inverted)
12. On top of the last diamond color piece put 2 color pieces
13. Continue with 1 white, 1 color, 4 white, 1 color, 4 white, 1 color, 4 white, 1 color, 4 white, 1 color, 4 white, 1 color, 1 white, 2 color pieces
14. At 4 white pieces build up mountains - you end up with 5 mountains
15. Between mountain spaces add diamonds - you end up with 4 diamonds
16. Make 2 outlines around all 4 diamonds
17. Between mountain spaces add 3 diamonds
18. Outline 3 diamonds twice
19. Between mountiain spaces add 2 diamonds
20. Outline 2 diamonds twice
21. Now you can make the last diamond and make 1 outline around that diamond
21. Now outline the whole tail with color pieces
22. Next outline is white
23. Finish with 2 color outlines around the whole tail.

I'm sure I don't need to have to explain you, it's the same, I used 48 white pieces and 23 colored pieces.

I added another black piece to make it realistic and another orange at the end.