Thursday, March 10, 2011

my new design- 3D origami wedding ornament

(VIDEO LINK at the bottom- shows the wedding ornament and has links to tutorials for the ribbon heart & ribbon rose )
This is what Ive been working on for the last week for someones upcoming wedding. Took 3 days to make(1st time making it/modifying it as I went along, so it took longer) (already had pieces made- I make pieces before I make anything and store them until I need them)
-Chinese bride and groom in a wedding basket/love boat looking thing
has the chinese wedding symbol 'double happiness'  on the back.
-Fades from bottom to top, pink to peach with cute polkadots throughout it to blend it as well as polkadots along the handle
-Corrugated cardboard base
-Ribbon heart strung in the middle from the handle, down to the base
-Ribbon rose at the top
Some mistakes actually improved it. I started from the peach bit, found that the bowl was too short so the bride and groom covered the letters. Had to make the bowl taller, so I started again with light pink, and made it fade to peach to connect the one I originally made to make it taller.
So I think the fading from pink to peach, and polkadots looks nice, and I wouldn't've thought of it if I hadnt made the bowl too short

see video of it here, with links to the ribbon rose/ ribbon heart:

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