Monday, March 26, 2012

Buying 3D origami sticks

Buying 3D origami "sticks"

The PIECES to make these paper sculptures

~Sticks (30 pieces) are priced in $USD. Postage is in $NZD (which is cheaper in $USD & most currencies)
~Payment: Paypal ONLY
~Shipping: worldwide  *Please read the note at the bottom of the page*

Read below for all info on buying
-Prices of groups of sticks
-Order template
-Postage info & postage price estimation


Send your order by email or message me on Youtube
~Youtube channel:
 Example of order


I want to buy 40 sticks ($20)         number of sticks you want ($__ price)
10 dark red                                    
10 yellow                                           list sticks of colours
5 bright yellow                                  so that they add up to the 
5 sky blue                                         number of sticks you want 
5 dark blue
2 light green
3 light pink

and 5 black ($5)                       black priced separately ($1 per stick)

TOTAL $25                                                            TOTAL

My paypal email is         include your paypal email
I live in america                                                      and country

~I send worldwide given that you give me a correct/valid address.
~I send mostly to America. Sometimes Canada, England and Australia
( Sending to Australia is cheaper since it's closer to NewZealand^_^ (I live in NZ) )
~I've also sent to (once or a few times) Netherlands, France, Brazil, Austria, South Africa, Belgium, India, Bermuda, Saudi arabia, Cyprus & Singapore

Below is a list to give you an idea of postage prices. (Postage depends on weight of package)

Minimum postage is $11.50NZD which is around $9.63USD (conversion rate changes everyday), for up to 200 grams (weight of package) which is about 10-30 sticks. 

So it's better to get at least 20-30 sticks because some people buy 10 sticks and the postage is more than the sticks and not really worth it.

The more the package weighs, it goes up by a couple of dollars
 up to 200g = 12.94NZD/ $10.67USD (10-30 sticks)
250g = 14.14NZD/ $11.65USD (40 sticks)
300g = 15.34NZD/ $12.64USD
350g = 16.55NZD/ $13.64USD
400g = 17.75NZD/ $14.63USD
450g = 18.96NZD/ $15.63USD
500g = 20.16NZD/ $16.62USD
550g = 21.36NZD/ $17.60USD (100 sticks)

It may be a bit more expensive to certain countries. But the main countries I send to (america, canada, england...) are the prices above

Disclaimer: Parcels from New Zealand to overseas do not have a tracking number (Unless you choose that option, but it's expensive, over $80) therefore I can not do anything if a package is not received, which rarely happens. 

You must provide a valid/ correct address and let me know if your address is different to the one on the Paypal account.

I am not responsible for the package once it is sent. I will give a refund (for the sticks only) if the package is sent back to me.

4-10 working days (not counting weekends or public holidays) is the target amount of days it takes to get there. In a few cases it has taken a month even with the target of 4-10 days.


  1. if i was to buy anything from scotland ( great Britain ) what would be the prices ?

  2. Hi,
    I want to buy 100 sticks (45 dollars).
    - 20 white
    - 14 hot pink
    - 7 light pink
    - 7 grey
    - 12 red orange
    - 7 yellow
    - 7 light purple
    - 7 dark purple
    - 7 dark green
    - 5 dark red
    - 7 dark blue

    # 20 FREE #
    - 10 yellow
    - 10 light blue

    and also 5 black sticks (5 dollars)

    Total : 50 dollars

    My paypal email is
    I live in FRANCE.


    How do I have to pay the total amount by Paypal ?

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  4. Hi ! Can you send the sticks to Colombia ?
    -- Thanks --

  5. you can buy the sticks from me my name i jack and this is my link and my numbers is 918981135672 we have a lots of 3d origami stuffs and sticks

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