Saturday, April 21, 2012

New 3D origami graduation bears + diagram

I recently got a request from a friend for graduation bears with coloured hoods (to match the degrees). She'll be giving them to her graduating friends which will be a cool gift since they're personalized, compared to a bought graduation teddy (which makes handmade gifts AWESOME since you can customize them^_^). 

These bears are slightly better than the old ones I made, there's no increasing on the mouth. I've made a new DIAGRAM  for you guys (at the bottom of the page).
(I'll add a link to a tutorial when I make one) 

-To make guy and girl bears, the girls have pink cheeks and different ears, while the guys don't have pink cheeks, and have rounded ears. 
-The colours of the tassels also make them more guy-ish/ girly (pink & yellow for girls, blue for guys)
-And 2 other special requests were to make a gangsta bear and a pedobear^_^
-And again, my fav part is that the hoods match the colour of the degrees^_^ LOVE personalized gifts!

Here's a vid of the bears, and some photos as well

Scroll down to the bottom for a diagram. (I'll add a link to a tutorial when I make one)

Special requests: Pedobear & gangsta bear

Refer to the old graduation bear page as it shows how to make the hat


  1. I made one of these for my friends. Everyone said they were very cute.

  2. Wow!
    They is so cute!!
    Can you make a tutorial for this? I want to make one of these to my friends that are going to graduate this year. =)

  3. Wow! These are really cute! I'd love to make these for my friends, but I do have some questions that hopefully you can answer. First, how I do the increase between the body and the head, and where do you do it? Does it have to be directly below the mouth? Also, isn't there normally an inverted row between the head and body? If you could answer these questions, it'd be a big help! Thanks!

  4. Can u make a video tutorial??it will be really helping me...i cant understand the diagrams

  5. Hi, thanks very much for your kindness to share. I've made quite a number of ur 3d origami and they all turn out good. Love your designs so much! :)

  6. Do your have a video tutorial? your guide is very useful and produced these unique creativity.
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  10. Hi!
    I find them all very very cute, especially the "pedobear" ^_^
    making one as a gift right now. maybe you can help me- how do you make hoods and those ears for "pedobear"?

  11. The bears look awesome. I just wanted to know what kind of paper and paper size do you use?

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