Sunday, June 24, 2012

some of my uni work- growing & developing my art style

Hey guys, sorry I haven't made tutorials in ages. Been busy with uni, and thought I'd have time in the holidays, but then I was given holiday assignments! 

Anyway, I've uploaded some pics here to give you guys some new stuff to look at. Just thought I'd share some of my work from my last assignment, since there's some crochet in there.

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I developed an idea of a "cute soup" which I really like, and I don't think its an idea that's been done much before. It finally feels like something that's mine, more original, different to the cute animals I always make that pretty much look the similar to things that have been done before

(In the soup is a house, 2 cakes, an oreo cookie, and a cupcake)

The "Cute soup" was developed from a phrase "My favourite recipe" (We were given a list of phrases, had to pick 3, and develop artwork from them). So my idea was putting some of my favourite things (the cute/kawaii look, zakka style, homemade/ handicraft stuff) in a bowl of soup, making a recipe of favourite things, hence "My favourite recipe".

My tutors analysis of it was so much deeper lol. She said it was something that would get criticism from people because handicrafts is associated with the domestic and feminine, and considered inferior to 'high art' like painting, and that only men were artists back then, while women did crafts at home which was applied arts/ low art.
She said my work was a disruption of the art conventions and a statement that handicrafts is just as important and valid as an art form.

A class mate said it looked like an ideal soup for a kid that doesn't like eating vegetables, and just likes to eat sweet things^_^

I didnt know about crafts being inferior for being associated with the domestic and feminine. It gave me something to research and I realized there actually is more behind artwork. I used to think people bullshit about artworks and make up reasons/meanings but you can actually come up with honest issues/ideas and develop artwork from them.

I initially was gonna present it on a pedestal as a sculpture (the bowl of soup, and the plate of cute food) but the tutor suggested pinning it to the wall, which makes it more like a painting/ work of art, and makes a stronger statement.

 I also developed the cute soup into a painting (yeah I know its amateur^_^ I just like the idea of it. Hope I can get better soon and develop it into a better piece of work ). The chinese bowl and soup spoon add a bit of culture into it as well. 

The bubbles flying up were influenced by Alex Mcleod's work. I stitched patches of patterned fabric on them to add a crafty look to it. Its kinda like steam coming off the soup, and a smell/ aura of creativity I guess? lol. What does it look like to you? My tutor thought it was icecream scoops.

To me, the cute soup  work is a compilation of: handicrafts, that zakka/ homemade style (soup seems homey/ cozy/ domestic to me, something your mum makes you when you're sick, or something you drink on a cold lazy day), a bit of asian-ness, like the bowl and soup spoon, and also the kawaii things in there (house, mushroom, bear/bunny clouds). 

Doing art/design at uni has helped me explore more ideas, grow and develop my art style. I remember I started teaching crafts on youtube cos I wanted to teach how to make cool crafts, cos all the ones I saw on craft shows on TV were crappy lol. I wanted to show that crafts and handmade gifts weren't cheap and ugly. They were thoughtful, meaningful, and could actually look cool and be well-made as well, and be better than bought gifts.

After the tutor said that my work was a statement that crafts is just as valid and important, it was like she was bringing forward things at the back of my mind. When family friends saw my crafts displayed in the lounge and heard that people were ordering them, they said "does it even make that much money?!" in a jealous tone. Continuing to do crafts feels like resisting the criticism of other people. 

Criticism as in the typical "art doesn't money". And from my mums 'friends' saying I was wasting my time teaching on youtube and that selling crafts doesnt make that much. Then I slowly got more successful overtime and they gave bitter looks when I got bulk orders and bigger commissions. I could tell they were jealous inside cos some of my commissions made more than their tray of bakery food. They would react by saying people are stupid to buy that (when they were selling overpriced cans of fizzy drinks. Aren't people stupid to buy that? hypcrites..).

Anyway, I feel like my work is resisting what people say about art/crafts, and its proof of me still sticking to it and doing it despite what they say. To anyone out there that has a passion, hobby, thing that they do, whether its music, writing, art, etc... that people are against for whatever reason, I hope you still continue on with it whenever you can, even on the side, and not let people take it away from you. 

(The other 2 paintings of the people holding their arms up were from the phrase 'When I won'. They're just meant to be like those inspirational/ uplifting pictures. I went to those entrepreneurial 'how to be a millionaire/ how to be successful' seminars and this guy said "You have to saw it before you see it" (playing with past and present tense there)
He told a story of a guy who had plans for an amusement park (I think it was Disney land?). He drew/planned it all out, died before it was finished (His workers carried on building it), and someone said it was a shame he did't get to see it. Then his wife said no, he did see it, he saw it before all of us.

So the phrase "When I won" didn't make me think of when I won something in the past, but
when I WIN, when I get to where I want to be. With won replacing win, as if you have already won. Its like a vision of how you want to feel when you get there (I'm into the whole positive thinking/ visualization thing and 'The secret'/ "Law of attraction"- look it up if you dont know :-) 

So those are some of my works from my last assignment. I hope I can get better at painting someday so I can actually get out my thoughts accurately. Those paintings of the people holding their arms out dont look as inspirational as I wanted them to be. It sucks when you have a good idea but cant accurately express it lol. Anyway, I'll add some more pics of my other assignments later.


  1. I think it's great, keep it up! also, I love your work :)

  2. Really awesome and i have seen such kind of work firstly . Its good to present your best talent in this way and its here.

  3. I agree with you. My family,friend,relatives (but not my mom) also telling me that i'm wasting time and money. That people don't understand money isn't everything. Money can't buy you happiness. They don't know how much of happiness we feel after finising an artwork. The one doing artworks knows the real value.

  4. Hello! Im having a really long break at school now and have started to make 3d origami again! I've finally made the peacock, following your tutorial and hope you check out my pics at:

    Thank you jewellia7777!

  5. Wow i didn't know you also do crochet! I've only saw some of your videos on 3d origami. Do you also do crochet tutorials? If not, can you suggest me some videos that can help me in making those small little crochet pieces in your soup?
    & Thanks a lot for your videos! it really sparked my interest in doing origami :D

    1. sorry for the late reply! I didnt see this (dont really check blogspot). Yeah I have some crochet/amigurumi tutorials. look up amigurumi tutorials on youtube and some of mine might come up or you might find other better tutorials. there werent many tutorials before, the only 1 I learnt from was by "wiremysoul", so yeah just look up amigurumi or crochet tutorials and you'll find some. some cake patterns here will help you learn how to make crochet cakes