Saturday, July 5, 2014

~Beginner models for 3D origami~ My friends first attempt~ Inspiration/ pics~

Haven't posted in ages. I wanted to show you guys my friends FIRST 3D origami model!! Its pretty good for the first attempt! Just wanted to show that it's not that hard, and to give some inspiration to beginners or those who are thinking of trying this. 

My friend is studying culinary arts with me, so its a bit of a different area to art/ crafts. Yet even she was able to make the rabbit in a day after I briefly showed her how to fold the pieces and connect them. After uni she went and bought a $4 pad of different coloured paper, went home and showed me the pic of what she made the next day!!

 I gave her a 3DO rabbit as a small birthday gift (pink one in the pic on the right) and she made the rabbit by copying the one I gave her (without watching any video tutorial). The limbs aren't exactly how I made them but its pretty close and she was able to guess how to do them. She also used playdoh for the eyes which is clever. See, you can use whatever materials you think would work for the features, dont have to follow and use 1 specific thing :-)

I always get asked for good models for beginners, so here are some newer models/ variations I've come up with which I think are quite basic/ quick to make. Here are some pics and links to tutorials:

Bunny ball TUTORIAL:
(The ears are a bit different to the tutorial. Just a stick of 3 pieces stuck in and cut on the edges to be rounded. Looks better/ cuter)
Mini rabbit TUTORIAL

bunny ball
2 Variations of the mini rabbit

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