Thursday, January 3, 2013

3D origami teddy bear variations

Here are some pics of different variations of 1 model to give you ideas on how you can alter it for different people and occasions. Eg. you can use the persons favourite colour and add different patterned paper on the inner ears and foot pads to change the look.

-For a baby gift, use pastel colours
-For a valentines/ anniversary gift for a girlfriend, use pink and add red on the inner ears/foot pads or patterned paper to make it more feminine
-For christmas, use red and green, and maybe use wrapping paper for the inner ears/foot pads

I like the teddy bear model a lot (Tutorial here) and think I'll try heaps more  colour combinations and different variations of it. Got  heaps more ideas for this one. Heres the different bears I've made so far. They'd be good for birthdays, valentines and baby gifts^_^

I'll post more pics of any new variations I make :-)

The light peach bear was the 1st one I made for a 21st birthday gift. I think this one turned out the best so far out of the 3. Heres what the gift looked like (I made some other stuff with it)
link to the teddy bear DIAGRAM is HERE

The light green one was the 2nd one I made. I forgot to make the ears from HALF sized triangles. No wonder why I had to use more pieces than usual. It took more normal sized pieces for it to curve, and was harder to fit into the head. I was also wondering why they looked like mouse ears. It looked too big for the head and I had to heep squeezing/bending to try make them smaller. Ears made from SMALLER pieces (half the size of the pieces you use to make the rest) are just easier to handle, fit into the head, and look more in proportion.

 My most recent bears are the quilted ones. I wanted to make it look mix-matched and use cute, fun colours. Maybe cos all the clothes I see in shops these days use colour blocking and have asymetric/ mix matched patterns. I added polkadotted paper to the inner ears and foot pads and now the style kind of looks babiesh. I think it would suit as a baby gift? (They were Christmas gifts though lol) DIAGRAM for the quilted bear is HERE


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