Thursday, January 3, 2013

3D origami patchwork teddy bear

Hey guys! Sorry I havent posted any vids in ages. I havent done much 3D origami in a while, and havent felt like making vids. Just had other things to do. I did make 2 3D origami models for Christmas gifts and thought I'd share it with you guys with a diagram as well. I was gonna put up a vid displaying them but finished them off last minute before the christmas function, so only had time to take a rushed/bad photo on my phone (with the bright light in the middle)

Its a variation from the teddy bearScroll down for the diagram and number of pieces.

I wanted to mix and match pastel colours to make a fun, patchwork inspired teddy. I also wanted to make use of the pieces I had a lot of that were  ready-made and were just sitting there, and these were the colours I had a lot of. It kinda relates to patchwork how left over material is patched together^_^

Also used some scrap decorated paper (polkadot) for the foot pads and inner ears. I think adding patterned paper to fill in certain parts gives it a nice touch. You see it happening in fashion in the lining of coats, bags and shoes.

Overall it looks a bit odd because of the split face and stuff lol, but I like the colours. The yellows more light/pastel in real life than in the photo. Lighter colours look nicer for this (the patchwork) since the split face will look softer and less zombie-like. Could be a good baby gift? (just as an ornament on a shelf/room decoration etc.. too hard and pointy for a toy lol)

It might look better with different colours. I'm thinking light blue and cream. I'll try experiment more with this design

click to enlarge and see it clearer
I wont do total of colours since you may want to change them. I've separated them into the parts of the head and body where it's split into different colours. I've put the colours I used in brackets so you can look at the photo/diagram and know what I'm talking about.

The head and body are split into 3 parts to create a patchwork/ mix-match look

I'll call them:
main colour (half of the body/head- uses most pieces)
2nd colour  (2nd colour - uses 2nd most pieces)
3rd colour  (3rd colour - uses the least pieces)


~ BODY ~ 
156- main colour (yellow)
96- 2nd colour (white)
120- 3rd colour (light pink)

~ HEAD ~
244 1st colour (yellow)
147 2nd colour / eyepatch (light pink)
86-3rd colour (white)

24 muzzle (light peach)
3 black (1-nose, 2-mouth)

~ (each) LEG ~
30 (10 pieces x 3 rows) (TOTAl 60)
10 inverted pieces (white) (TOTAL 20)

~ (each) ARM ~
34 (TOTAL 68)

~ (each) EAR ~
20 MINI pieces (total 40)
fold triangle piece from HALF the size of the rectangle you used for the rest of the body.This makes it look more proportioned/fit well. You can use normal sized pieces too (I did it once by mistake) thought it may look a bit big for the head. It may take more pieces to curve the ear and you may have to push/squeeze harder to made it fit into the head

*NOTE- If you're buying pieces from me to make this, I can only provide the normal sized pieces. You'll have to make the half sized pieces yourself (for the ears) using a similar colour of my paper, or even a different colour since having different coloured limbs looks ok as well.