Monday, January 23, 2012

kawaii mini brown teddy bear in striped shirt diagram (3D origami)

1st diagram of one of the new, better 3D origami models collection! The teddy bear! Below is info on certain parts, in more detail. (look up "3D origami for beginners" in the Youtube search bar, for the vid on how to make pieces and connect them)


194 main colour (brown)
23 white
3 black
2 light pink
26 light blue

Since I dont have a photo of it yet, the teddy bear is shown here in this vid at 0.11
Cutting ears, arms & legs: I try to cut as little as possible around the sides of the pieces to keep as much of the triangle pieces as possible. I keep the scissors close to the edge, and snip little bits off. The excess paper comes off as tiny little bits, you dont need to cut much. The edges arent even smooth-curved, but little straight blocky bits. Far away it looks curved, and close up, it still looks like its made of the triangle pieces.

Inserting ears & arms: You dont have to insert where I drew the red rectangles on the bear. Sometimes theres no exact place to put it cos it may look uneven/ not in the right place, so you have to adjust it. Just insert the arms/ears in the holes of the model where you want them to go, wherever it looks right to you. You can move them around till you find the right spot, then glue them in place.


  1. Thank you so much. that is very kind of you.

  2. Hey, your's works are amaizing. Could you tell me how big pieces you use? 1/16 or 1/32?