Friday, January 27, 2012

UPDATE: amigurumi plushies

Heres some new kawaii goodness for you guys to look at! ^_^

 Amigurumi plushies I'm working on:

 A lot of them I've started and just left there unfinished. It gets annoying cos it just creates more clutter, I feel the 'need' to finish them to kinda clean up, but then I don't have time and it gets kinda stressful. It feels kinda like a chore to finish off the project, to clean up the clutter lying around, otherwise you just put it in a bag and store it away and then forget about them. 

So, advice from me: Don't keep starting new crafts when you havent finished your old projects! Lol. And dont hoard materials either, thinking you don't wanna waste it. Cos then you buy more, end up having too much  and will have to use it up anyway. I use to make little plushies cos I'd make more and save yarn.
But from my experience, medium/ big plushies are easier to make. With smaller ones its harder to sew on limbs, so I leave them for later and then end up not doing it, and end up with a bunch of little unfinished plushies. So now I don't worry about making bigger ones and using up the yarn cos they're easier to make (easier to hold and stitch parts together, and you wont lose those bits either while you're making it, compared with making little plushies.) and they make better gifts! ^_^

I'll try write up patterns for them later and will upload them on here :-)

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