Friday, January 27, 2012

amigurumi pattern: Kawaii MEDIUM/SMALL sized bunny

My first pattern I've posted up! ^_^
I write my patterns a bit differently.
R1 (_)= Row 1 (_)<-number of stitches per row

sc= single crochet/ stitch*
sc around= 1 sc in each hole (to build the plush up straight/tall)

dec= decrease 

*You can change the stitches to 'half double crochet' if you want, thicker stiches to make a bigger plushie.

You can also use 2 strands of different yarn together (and can use different colours to create nice colour combinations!^_^) to make a bigger plush (might have to use a bigger hook). 
A great way to create a different size while following the exact same pattern. This way you don't have to think up a new pattern figuring out how to make it bigger.

The plushie will look bigger or smaller depending on the thickness of the yarn. (Btw, I dont pay attention to my yarn or hook size. I use any size and then just change to a bigger hook if the yarn seems too thick for it)

MEDIUM/SMALL sized bunny 
Designed by Jewellia7777

(I haven't finished these. This leaves the features up to you. It's kinda like a blank plushie 'canvas' for you to add features on by sewing on felt shapes or embroidering with yarn. I'll post pics up when I've finished them)

R1-   (6) Ch 2,6sc in 2nd ch from hook
R2-   (12) 2sc in each hole
R3-   (18) *1sc, inc*
R4-   (24) *2sc, inc*
R5-   (30) *3sc, inc*
R6-   (36) *4sc, inc*
R7-11 (36) sc around for 5 more rows
R12-  (30) *4sc, dec*
R13-  (24) *3sc, dec*
R14-  (18) *2sc, dec*
~finish off~

R1-   (6) Ch 2,6sc in 2nd ch from hook
R2-   (12) 2sc in each hole
R3-   (18) *1sc, inc*
R4-   (24) *2sc, inc*
R5-8  (24) sc around for 4 more rows
R9-   (18) *2sc, dec*
R10-  (18) sc around 
finish off, leave long tail for stitching

With head, put EYES in where you want them (if you're using those toy eyes), 
stuff head & body, stitch head & body together aat the openings
Make 2 ears, arms & legs:

R1-  (6) Ch 2,6sc in 2nd ch from hook
R2-  (8) *2sc, inc*
R3-4 (8) sc around
R5-  (6) *2sc, dec* -STOP at this row if you want a short ear-
R6-  (6) sc around 
~Don't need to stuff ears~

R1-  (4) Ch 2,4sc in 2nd ch from hook
R2-4 (4) sc around for 3 more rows
~optional:stuff arms. I didn't. Just left them flat~

R1-  (5) Ch 2,5sc in 2nd ch from hook
R2-  (10) 2sc in each hole
R3-  (10) sc around
R4-  (5) dec around
~Stuff legs~

TAIL- You can also stitch on a POM POM BALL instead.
R1-   (6) Ch 2,6sc in 2nd ch from hook
R2-3  (6) sc around
~optional: stuff tail. I didnt. It doesn't really need stuffing~

Now you can decorate your bunny rabbit! ^_^ 
You can add different styles of features to make a differnt bunch of rabbits!

You can either embroider with yarn or cut out shapes of felt material and stitch it on.


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  2. I'm wondering for the head is it :

    R12- (30) *3sc, dec*
    R13- (24) *2sc, dec*
    R14- (18) *1sc, dec*
    instead of
    R12- (30) *4sc, dec*
    R13- (24) *3sc, dec*
    R14- (18) *2sc, dec*

    1. Nope it's as written :-) I used to get mixed up with that as well and did it wrong and wondered why I had left over stitches, like it didn't fit in perfectly. If its 4sc, inc to go from 30 to 36, its the same back, but change inc to dec. After doing it for a while I kinda understand the math of it^_^

      since this one goes in the 6 x table..
      from 30 to 36:
      *4sc, inc* is the same as *4sc, +2sc* which = 6.
      then 6x6 = 36 stitches in that row

      from 36 to 30:
      *4sc, dec* is the same as *4sc + 1* (because decreasing brings 2 stitches together into 1) so 4sc + 1sc = 5, then 5x6 = 30. so thats how you bring 36 back down to 30